Our school has a strong administration that is dedicated in achieving the best for our children. Our Administration for the Academy and the Charter School operates under the auspices of the Laura Holland Uzzell (LHU) Board.

To reach a staff member, please dial 919-462-8889, followed by the extension number listed.

NameTitleRoom NumberExtension Email Address
Frank BrainardAdministration
Executive Director
Carrie SmithAdministration
Director of Charter
(Grades 1-8)
Josie SpreherAdministration
Director of Academy
(3-4 year-olds & Kindergarten)
Michele StacyAdministration
Data Manager
Diana ElshenawyAdministrative
Mike CoxMaintenanceA3440
Wyleen DavisDirector of Before and After Care
Elaine MongnoAdministration
Administrative Assistant
JoAnne AmazanAcademy
Trish McCabeOccupational
Kim WrightSpeech-Language TherapistC5451
Special EducationC3452
Carrie McClarySpecial Education
Rownak IfatDirector of Exceptional Children's ProgramC13454
Dawn MaineReading
Sue Ann
Ruth VienneauArt
David Helwig P.E.
Server RoomC13471
Computer LabC17317
Nicole DuranLead TeacherA2102
Kristi WareLead
Ursula ThompsonLead TeacherA6106
Betsy Lund-BardiLead TeacherA8108
Amy JoyceLead TeacherA12112
Tiffany HighsmithLead TeacherA14114
Kasey HarwardTeacher AssistantA12112
Amanda KeighleyLead
Emily CurryLead TeacherB2202
Nicole RaquetLead TeacherB4204
Kim WatsonLead TeacherB8208
Ayomi DissanayakeLead TeacherC2302
Holly AbdallahLead TeacherC4304
Shannon KirkLead
Vanessa ClarkLead
Carroll KrauseLead Teacher
James StoutLead TeacherC12312
Teri GentriLead TeacherC14314
Mallory VaccaroTeacherMiddle
Jackie CarréTeacher
Fusun Bas CouleurLead
Izabela AlldredgeLead
Tom KeelerLead
Darlene BlakeTeacher
Manisha HuriaTeacher
Samantha Falcoz-VigneArt Teacher
Ellen BoswellTeacher
Tisha ShahTeacher
Wyleen DavisTeacher
Tim Perry MS TeacherMiddle
Jen WaschekMS TeacherMiddle
Taylor KanipeMS TeacherMiddle
Main OfficeMain
Olga NyeTeacher
Dana RileyLead
Vaish BalajiTeacher
Puja MitchellLead
Jen McMurrayLead
Anu AnandTeacher
Betty WarrenAdministration
Russ BrandonSpecial
Laura NicholsonSpanish Teacher
Upper Elementary
A.J. HaddadTeacher Assistant
Before Care Teacher
Brian MorrisIT
Dennis ScarboroughCustodianA3
Elsie HuttTeacher Assistant

Before Care Teacher
Mary Lou KaneTeacher AssistantD16516
Frances MorganTeacher
Janet LittlejohnTeacher
Joela D'SouzaTeacher
Justin CollierTeacher Middle
Marianne FoxTeacher
Michael NyeP.E. Teacher
Jesse OlsonMusic
Susan MullowayTeacher
Rita ShahTeacher
Pam NarayanaTeacher
Eileen LozinskyBehavioral