Sterling Spirit Wear

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The 2021/2022 Lottery was held on March 1, 2021. Updates to the waitlists will ONLY be made when there are changes to report. Placement of students in the 1st–8th grades will begin when the current school year ends in mid-June. Please note that Sterling will continue to make offers of enrollment through the first 35 days of school.
Kindergarten (8-30-21)
First Grade (8-30-21)
Second Grade (8-30-21)
Third Grade (8-30-21)
Fourth Grade (8-30-21)
Fifth Grade (8-30-21)
Sixth Grade (8-30-21)
Seventh Grade (8-30-21)
Eighth Grade (8-30-21)


(3 and 4-year old programs available)

2021/2022 Preschool Application

Be sure to view our virtual classroom tour and sign up for a Zoom Informational Session before you apply.


(Kindergarten-8th Grade)

For general information about Sterling Montessori's admissions and lottery process, please visit our Charter Admissions page.

Sterling Spirit Wear is a great way to show school spirit AND support our fundraising efforts!

Purchases can be made through MySchoolBucks.

12973 Sterling Montessori Child Shirt PROOF-1.jpg

$15/ea Youth Blue T-Shirt:  YS, YM

12973 Sterling Montessori Child Shirt PROOF-2.jpg

$15/ea Youth Grey T-Shirt: YL

12973 Sterling Montessori Adult Shirt PROOF.jpg

$20/ea Adult Blue T-Shirt: M

12973 Sterling Montessori Child Sweatshirt PROOF-1.jpg

$25/ea Youth Light Grey Sweatshirt: YS

12973 Sterling Montessori Child Sweatshirt PROOF-2.jpeg

$25/ea Youth Green Sweatshirt: YM, YL




$7.50/ea only available in YOUTH SMALL

12973 Sterling Montessori Adult Sweatshirt PROOF-1.jpeg

$30/ea Adult Light Grey Sweatshirt: S, M, L

12973 Sterling Montessori Backpack PROOF-2.jpg

$5/ea Blue Drawstring Backpack


12973 Sterling Montessori Backpack PROOF-1.jpg

$5/ea Green Drawstring Backpack




12973 Sterling Montessori Child Mask PROOF.jpg

$7/ea Youth 2-Ply Cotton Mask

12973 Sterling Montessori Adult Mask PROOF.jpg

$7/ea Adult 2-Ply Cotton Mask