FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LHU Board?
The Laura Holland Uzzell Foundation is the non-profit corporation that is the governing body for both the Charter school and the Academy.  The LHU is led by a Board of Directors, which consists of 9 non-paid members of the Sterling Community.  The Directors are nominated and chosen based on the particular needs of the schools and expertise that they bring to the Board.  We currently have Directors with backgrounds in law, finance, accounting, business management, school curriculum development, charter school funding, and technology.  We welcome anyone who is interested in serving to submit a letter of interest and a resume or Curriculum Vitae to the Chairman of the Board, for consideration as openings become available.  Board members serve a 3 year term, with a limit of 2 concurrent terms of service.

Why isn’t there a faculty member serving on the Board?
All faculty and staff members are welcome to attend Board meetings, and to provide comments and feedback to the Board.  Per the By Laws that are approved by the state and are a part of the school’s charter, Board members may not have a financial interest in the school; this includes employees or spouses of employees of the school.

Although not a voting member of the Board, the Executive Director is expected to represent the interests and concerns of the faculty and staff.

When are the LHU Board meetings held?  Who can attend?
The LHU Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month, except for July and December, at 6:30 pm in D-4.  All Board meetings are open to the public, and anyone is welcome to attend. The agenda starts with an invitation for community comments, which is a public comment period in which anyone who wishes to address the Board is welcome to speak.  Advance notice is preferred, but not required.  In the interest of time, the Chairman reserves the right to limit the time allocated to each speaker.  Minutes for the LHU Board meetings are available in the office for community members to view.


What are the roles and responsibilities of the LHU Board?
The LHU Board has 4 primary responsibilities:

  1. To develop the mission and vision of the school;
  2. To develop a long term strategic plan consistent with the mission and vision;
  3. To hire and oversee the Executive Director of the schools;
  4. To develop policies and approve actions that assists the school in moving forward with the strategic plan.

On a practical level, the LHU Board and Executive Director work together to provide checks and balances on the operation of the school:

The Board is responsible for the hiring and oversight of the Executive Director.  The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school.  This includes being responsible for the well being of the students, the management of the staff and addressing parent concerns.

The Board is accountable for the financial health of the school, including the $10 million in bonds that finance the school buildings and the $5.5 million annual operating budget of state, federal and local funds.  The Executive Director is responsible for creating the operating budget and staying within the budget. The Board monitors the budget monthly to ensure appropriate expenditures.

The Board determines the number of positions that can be funded annually and sets the salary schedules.  The Executive Director interviews and selects employees to be hired.  The Board approves the new hires and ensures that they are paid according to the salary schedule.

The Board determines employment policies.  The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring staff follow the policies.  The Executive Director is responsible for evaluating staff.