August 2010

August 20th 2010

Dear Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Students:

Welcome back to the 2010-2011 school year! While the Sterling community was enjoying the summer, tremendous progress has been made on the campus expansion project.

The day after school closed in June Barnhill Construction began aggressive campus wide site improvements. The school fields were completely graded (to allow us the equivalent of two soccer fields) and layers of debris free soil added. Once the field was prepared and measured sod was installed and allowed to root in for at least a month. An irrigation system has been installed and we plan to rest one of the fields at intervals to ensure that the health of the fields is maintained. The fields will be marked very soon. It is indeed very exciting to see green fields at Sterling!

To ensure adequate drainage on campus the bio-retention pond has been created north of the construction entrance and baffles have been installed inside the pond area. Storm structures and sanitary sewer lines have been completed with a tie-in to the buildings and certified by CLH Design.

Prior to the summer we had received a permit from the Town of Morrisville for the building shell and foundation only. Over the summer the Fire Marshall provided his approval and we received the full building permit for the classroom building and the sport court. The footings for the structures were completed and inspected and the foundation poured. Erection of the steel immediately followed with the installation of air barriers and insulation for the building. Completion of the exterior building skin and roof have protected the construction crew from the weather and allowed an even faster pace of progress. Electrical, ducting and piping work began last week and the mechanical systems will be installed soon.

Moseley Architects and CLH Design have also made significant progress with the required road improvement plans for the Town of Morrisville which includes widening of Town Hall Drive, installation of a median and appropriate striping of pavements for crosswalks. We are in final stages of approval with the Town of Morrisville. The upper school carpool lane has been paved but will remain a construction entrance only until the classroom building is ready for occupancy.

At the end of the last school year the LHU Board has approved the engagement of AEI Commissioning Services. They have been involved over the summer to make sure that despite the aggressive pace of construction we are ensuring full operational potential of the buildings. AEI ensures that owner requirements are reflected in design documents, tracking and addressing operational requirements throughout construction, demonstrating proper installation, start-up, and performance of building systems

My thanks to the excellent team we have on this project (including the Sterling Building Committee, Barnhill Construction, Moseley Architects, CLH Design and their subcontractors) for their continued efforts and persistence!

While the campus expansion is making great progress we must remain vigilant about the safety and security of our students and staff. Barnhill Construction has put up construction fences again and will be working in the construction areas with minimal disruption to school operations. Please pay close attention to further details on temporary changes around campus that will be provided by our Director Bill Zajic. Also please extend your support to him and the staff as we physically get closer to our exciting strategic vision for Sterling Montessori.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Welcome back to what promises to be an exciting school year!


Sharmila Bristol
President, LHU Board