June 2011

June 15th 2011

Dear Parents, Teachers, Staff, and Students:

          At the end of the last school year, in June 2010, we had just received a permit from the Town of Morrisville to lay the foundation of a new classroom building. We had also received a permit for site improvements. And the day after the school year closed, we began aggressive campus wide site improvements with complete grading of the school fields. What an AMAZING journey it has been since last summer!
          As we come to the end of this school year, we can truly celebrate the revitalization of our campus… a dream many of us have had for Sterling for several years! The completion of the new classroom building and the removal of the trailers have provided a “prepared environment” as promised in our Strategic Plan, and also new opportunities with the additional space for our teachers and students. After all the hard work that went into the classroom building, it has been a pleasure to hear how much the new facilities are being enjoyed. As one parent said to me, “it feels like a real school now!” For the first time in many years we can confidently accommodate our growing 7th and 8th grade population. We have enabled true growth of the music, art and foreign language offerings. And the upgrade of our technology infrastructure including new fiber connections and wireless computing carts has significantly improved our technical capabilities.
          Today we have beautiful grassy fields at Sterling that are fully equipped with an irrigation system. To quote a student, the fields are “a pleasure to play on”. And the Sterling soccer team now has its own practice fields. True to our strategic plan, we have completed site improvements including adequate drainage with the bio-retention pond, improved safety with additional parking and carpool lanes, improved and generally made our campus more artistically beautiful.
          Last fall we suffered a temporary pause on the construction of the Sport Court due to the unfortunate issues with the cracking of the concrete piers. It was a difficult phase but the team worked very hard to complete due diligence and remediate the construction issues. The Sport Court has now been completed exactly to design and meets all structural standards as we originally planned. We had really hoped to open up the Sports Court for the children last month, but unfortunately the Town identified a new requirement to install a fire sprinkler system and a riser room if we want to conduct assemblies at the Sports Court. Since we had always planned for school wide events to be held at the Sport Court, we have worked with Moseley Architects and Barnhill Construction to get bids for this additional work. We have selected the final proposal, which will be approved by the LHU Board this week. The additional work will be completed during the summer, after which we will receive the certificate of occupancy.
          The entire campus expansion project has been very challenging one but also extremely rewarding. The smile on the faces of our students and teachers as they utilize the new facilities is definitely a dream come true for Sterling.  My sincere thanks to the excellent team we have had on this project (including the Sterling Building Committee, Barnhill Construction, Moseley Architects, CLH Design and their subcontractors) for their continued efforts and persistence.
          You can visit our school website and check out the photo gallery that captures the campus expansion progress over the school year at https://www.sterlingmontessori.org/?p=971

Have a safe and fun filled summer!

Sharmila Bristol
President, LHU Board