Sterling Welcomes Mr. Frank Brainard, Interim Executive Director

It is with such delight that we welcome Mr. Frank as our Interim Executive Director! While we are excited to have found Mr. Frank to lead our school through this next phase, please know that the search committee is busy working to find our permanent Executive Director. We have already started accepting resumes from candidates. And we have also engaged a professional search firm, Carney Sandoe & Associates, to assist us in the search process.

According to Carney Sandoe, it is very difficult during this time of year to find quality candidates, as many of them have already accepted positions for the upcoming school year. We are not exactly sure how long the search process will take. Therefore, Mr. Frank will serve in this role for an open-ended length of time. At a minimum, he will be at Sterling to finish this school year and to begin the next. Rest assured, though, we are committed to deliberately and carefully finding someone who can serve as Executive Director for many years to come.

This fall we will form a much bigger search committee, which will include school staff and members of the community, to assist in selecting our permanent Executive Director. If you are interested in serving on this committee or have other questions, please email

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