“The evidence is overwhelming: Students who have highly-involved
families get higher grades, have fewer discipline problems, and are more
likely to be successful throughout their entire life.”

~ U.S. Dept. of Education

The Laura Holland Uzzell (LHU) Board, the Parent-Faculty Association (PFA), and the Administration at Sterling Montessori are working together to make 2010-2011 an outstanding school year. It is going to be an exciting year, full of change and transition, with the construction on campus, and the long-anticipated opening of the Sport Court and new classroom building. While there will be short-term inconveniences, the long-term benefits will be terrific.

As part of the transformation our school campus is undergoing, the LHU, Administration, and PFA are united in the desire to make this year a stellar one for the Sterling community. You are invited to be a part of this amazing and historic transformation as well. Now is the time for all of us to join together to make Sterling a cohesive, productive, well-oiled machine with all parts moving in unison toward the same target…the best educational experience possible for the children of Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter School.

We are kicking off a volunteer campaign at Sterling and strongly encourage you to participate. As outlined in the Parent Handbook, all families are expected to complete 15 hours of volunteer time during the school year per child enrolled at Sterling. We know many of you do this and more. Thank you. We also know many more of you would like to, but perhaps have not in the past. This is your time to Join the Machine and do your part.

In addition to the difference your involvement makes in the lives of the students at Sterling, the hours you commit to and complete will have a direct impact on Sterling’s ability to compete for grants of all kinds to enhance our school. It is imperative we are able to demonstrate parent engagement in order to compete for grants. That engagement will be measured by hours of volunteerism and percentage of participation. There will be two easy ways for you to record
your hours throughout the school year.

The “Join the Machine…Give your 15!” campaign will begin next week. There are many, many opportunities for involvement, even for working parents. Watch for the pledge form and volunteer opportunity survey in your Friday folder. Complete both and return them to your teacher or to the office by the following week. You will then be contacted by a volunteer coordinator who will help you find your niche. Should you have questions or concerns, please contact Terri Hegeman by emailing volunteering@sterlingmontessori.org .

Just think…15 hours is only 1.5 hours a month over 10 months. You can spread it out; do it early; save it for later; choose one area to devote your time; choose several areas to help a little. It is your time to give to your school to show your child how committed you care.

Thank you in advance for your engagement!

Parent Involvement Report Card
This Report Card is intended to help you evaluate your contributions to your child’s success at
school. It is for your personal use only. Please take a minute to answer these yes/ no questions
to see how you rate. This is for you to keep. Do not turn it in…use it as a self-assessment tool.

1. Do you ensure that your child has excellent attendance at school?
2. Do you monitor your child’s television viewing habits?
3. Have you identified a regular time and place in your home for your child to do homework?
4. Do you monitor your child’s homework?
5. Have you discussed with your child the importance of a good education?
6. Did you attend Open House or Back-To-School Night at your child’s school?
7. Do you support and reinforce the school’s discipline plan?
8. Do you support your child’s learning by providing nutritious meals and adequate time for sleep?
9. Have you attended at least one PTA, LHU or other support group meeting this year?
10. Have you worked on school-based committees, district level councils and/or committees on issues concerning your schools?
11. Have you attended at least one school program? (I.e. an awards assembly, a play, an athletic event, or a school party.)
12. Are you a model of “good sportsmanship” when attending school and community events?
13. Do you insist that your child exhibit good sportsmanship at all times?
14. Do you encourage your child to participate in volunteer projects which serve the community?
15. Have you read the Sterling Parent Handbook?
16. Do you regularly read the school newsletter?
17. Are you familiar with the extra services provided at your child’s school? (I.e. speech therapy, resource help for gifted students, counseling, etc.)
18. Do you make yourself available for conferences requested by your child’s teacher?
19. Have you had at least one parent-teacher conference with the teacher(s) of your child?
20. Do you initiate contact with your child’s teacher or principal just to show your support?
21. Are you aware of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses?
22. Are you familiar with the grading scale used on your child’s report card?
Add your “yes” answers and compare to the categories below.
Congratulations! You are a strong partner in your child’s education!
GOOD = 8-14
You are making wonderful contributions to your child’s education,
but there are even more ways that you can help.
Your school and your child need your help!
Please commit yourself to your child’s success and to your school.