Charter Elementary 9-12 Year Old Program

     Each 9-l2 classroom encompasses grades 4-6 and is staffed with two teachers. The curiosity of the child continues at this age level with a heightened awareness of the environment. In keeping with the Montessori Philosophy, educating the whole child according to their own unique talents, gifts, and interests leads children to integrate their learning rather than seeing it in isolation.

     The Theory of Cosmic Education that Maria Montessori developed is just as applicable and relevant to the 9-I2 year old child. The 9-l2 year old also needs to understand that everything in the universe is interrelated. From that understanding, children learn their place through curriculum that is specifically designed to meet their needs.

     The curriculum is enriched by participation in P.E. Art, and Music. Interconnectivity of the curriculum helps to promote sense of community through their common experiences. This fosters a sense of responsibility to be caring and compassionate participants in their community. Our hope and expectation is for the students leaving our program to go forth as passionate learners, problem solvers, and stewards of peace.

The Language Arts curriculum in the 9-12 classroom continues from the foundation laid in earlier Montessori classrooms, where children worked on reading, phonics, sight words, comprehension, vocabulary, beginning reading, the mechanics, of writing, the process of writing, and exposure to different types of writing. It is the intention of the 9-12 classroom to further those developments. With regards to writing: writing techniques and structure are practiced; basic editing is taught and utilized; different types of writing and literary genres, are exhibited; the mechanics of writing are taught and practiced; there are continued inquiries into grammar (parts of speech and parts of a sentence); word studies are continued (etymology morphemes, vocabulary and spelling); oral communication, public speaking, and personal expression are practiced; and handwriting and note taking skills are employed as well. Students who complete the three-year cycle will leave with an in-depth understanding of the written word and a love for the English language.

The Study of Math and Geometry at the upper elementary level is an investigative and active process. Specifically crafted materials are used to demonstrate and develop abstract concepts in a concrete-operational way. Sterling Montessori School uses the philosophy, methodology, and materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori to deliver all components of the N.C. Standard Course of Study for grades 4-6.