Charter Kindergarten Program

As with all of the other academic programs at Sterling, the kindergarten program is designed to allow children the opportunity to work at their individual developmental level.  Specifically designed lessons are presented in a sequence that solidifies early reading, writing, and mathematic skills.  Children also study the areas of botany, geography, science, and cultural studies.  Movement, music, and art are an integral part of each classroom.  Montessori materials are used throughout the day enabling children to master the skills that they will need to make a successful transition into first grade.

Below is a list of indicators that can be used to help determine readiness for kindergarten:

  • Your child listens to stories without interrupting.
  • Your child can recognize rhyming sounds and words.
  • Your child understand actions have both causes and effects.
  • Your child shows understanding of general times of the day.
  • Your child can cut with scissors.
  • Your child can trace basic shapes.
  • Your child can button shirts, pants, coats, and zip up zippers.
  • Your child can look at pictures and tell stories about them.
  • Your child can identify the beginning sounds of some words.
  • Your child can identify some alphabet letters.
  • Your child can recognize some common sight words – like “stop”.
  • Your child can sort similar objects by color, size, and shape.
  • Your child can recognize groups of one, two, three, four and five objects.
  • Your child can count to ten.
  • Your child can bounce a ball.