The mission of Sterling Montessori is to create a diverse educational community, grounded in the Montessori philosophy and teaching practices, that fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in its students. We strive to empower each student to become life-long learners who respect themselves, others and their environment.

LHU Board Meeting Minutes

The LHU Regular Board meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month.  Committee meetings take place throughout the month.  All LHU Board and Committee meetings are open to the public, with the schedule and public links available on our Public Calendar or the Board Calendar.

2024 LHU Board Minutes

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November 2024

June 2024

December 2024


2023 LHU Board Minutes

January 2023

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September 2023


April 2023

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November 2023


June 2023

December 2023



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